Mani is among other places in Greece, one of the foremost traditional region, which possesses a profuse historical and cultural heritage. Mani lies to the southern part of Peloponnesus, it is within the administrative authority of Laconia and Messenia prefectures, while the Messenian and Laconian bay wash respectively the western and eastern part of the country and what's more, it is just 3 hours distance from Athens.

Mani could be described as an 'open museum' that combines the innumerable historical monuments with the glorious natural beauty of its wild landscape. Byzantine churches, its towers, the country style olive oil press, the windmills, the colourful bays and caves as well as hundreds of unique traditional settlements and their prevailing peels, can't help but catch the visitors eye. What's remarkable about Mani is the fact that it consists of 98 country style settlements, while there are altogether in Peloponnesus 118 settlements and 800 peels in total, 7 castles and more than 1000 Byzantine churches and temples of after-Byzantine period.
In Mani everything appears to be blended with the picturesque setting.
The bucolic landscape which is ideal for rambling in the cobble stone pavements and walking through its unique gorges, strolling around its appreciable monuments and places of interest, in addition to the wonderful sea with crystal water and beaches that would gratify and tickle pink visitors. A destination which is one of a kind where you will find some tranquillity, rest and entertainment, while it has modern hotel facilities and rooms to rent made of stone and wood in its area, scenic little taverns serving unique delicacies of Mani and cafeterias & bars offering you the opportunity to have never ending and non stop good times.

Just visit this place that manages to synchronize and make compatible the history of past with present life.

You will need three days to get to to know and tour the place as a by-passer, it takes three months to view around as a walker and three lives to capture the soul of Mani. One life for the sea, one for its mountains and one for its people.





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